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5 Years Of Experience


Our Company Background

Uphill Engineering Services, established in the year 2016, is a multi-disciplined Engineering company that specializes in electrical and electro-mechanical engineering works. The company has diversified into power generation, cooling systems, heat, ventilation and air conditioning, solar power, and water pump installations.

We have worked in partnership with number of companies including Siemens, AAB Group, Atlas Copco, Car General and Cummings Power Generation.

We recognize that our clients require good service, quality product and at a competitive price Uphill Engineering Services Limited is a highly rated company with ambitious targets within the Power Generation, Construction and Manufacturing industries. Uphill engineering was founded on the basis of needs and aspirations of the Kenyan people, espercially in the mainstream of economic development of the country, Kenya. We noted that there could be no solution to our problems unless we embar k on a process of national building through maintenance and capital projects.

Kennedy Odhiambo,

Technical & General.


Our Services & Solutions

Hiring Generators

We provide an extensive modern fleet of generators for hire in the 5KVA to 500KVA range. We are able to provide a unit to match your needs.

Sale of Power Generators and parts

We are focused on the high quality power equipment, and provides customers with efficient, professional fast services.

Power Generators installations/Maintenance

A standby generator is the best insurance you can have to get you through a power outage caused by the grid going down.

Sales of Photovoltaic Solar products

A photovoltaic cell, is an electrical device that converts the energy of light into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.

Sales and Service of Air Conditioners and Cold Rooms

We supply energy-efficient, cold rooms & pre-coolers for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Installation and maintenance of solar power supply

Are you looking for the best solar systems? We are here to help you.

Sales of water pumps installations and maintenance services

Minimize vibrations/machine damage with our services for machine maintenance.

Industrial and Electrical installation projects

We provide assembling, installing, testing and maintaining electrical services or electronic wiring services.

Switch gear controls and Automation

We have customized automation and control solutions enabling you to operate your electrical power distribution safely.

Substation and switch yards (Zambia)

Switchyard gives a secured power to the grid. A switchyard or substation is an assembly of apparatus.

Our Projects


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